While GNU/Linux is a wonderful operating system that has many many use cases, it's far from the only choice in the server space. While you do sacrifice some ease of use switching to it, FreeBSD is very powerful in the right hands. Here's just a few reasons why I love this operating system:

  • The kernel source is actually readable and a lot less messy than Linux
  • The userland utilities are superior. BSD tar has many more features compared to GNU tar
  • Native next-generation filesystem support in the form of OpenZFS
  • pkgng is fast and supports many useful features like custom aliases and system audits
  • BSD licensing is superior to GPL in my eyes
  • bhyve hypervisor
  • Dtrace support natively
  • Easy to recompile entire system, for example to use retpoline
  • Capsicum
  • Jails
  • Superior networking performance
  • Linux binary compatibility for software that is difficult to compile yourself or is proprietary
  • ACLs and MACs are supported configurations in the base system
  • Unbound resolver in base system

And maybe a couple things I like less...

  • tcsh as the default shell
  • little documentation online
  • wiki is severely outdated
  • security patches are slow